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A new hip tune. I don't have a name for it. Maybe the 'Useless Marxist.' But they're all useless.

Wearing a beret
talkin' bout Marx
Sitting round smellin' on each others farts
Open the window
and shut the door
I can't take no Holodomor
The case is open
the casket shut
We don't want to get off our butts
The dialectic discuss-discuss
No one else riding on our bus
We work alone, that's a surety!
ideological impurity!
Open the window
and shut the door
Who killed less or who killed more?
Doesn't matter
We need control,
Killings no problem there is no soul
Sand in the hourglass
the days of our lives
Bleeding out on the longest knives
The system straight or system bend
We talk at my Dacha on the weekend
The party is listening,
the walls have ears
skulls and bones and the sum of all fears
The party is listening,
howdy how
KGB can you hear me now?
KGBCan you hear me now?
Okrhana Can you hear me now?
NKVD can you hear me now?
KGB Can you hear me now?
NKVD can you hear me now?
Okrhana Can you hear me now?
KGB Can you hear me now?
Break it down.
(I might put a Guitar solo here)
(Then this comes back with sirens and a beat)
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the people the same
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the murder the same
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the people the same
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the murder the same
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the people the same
Your Red Book can't contain our shame
The uniform different, the murder the same
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My Button, Me, My Hat

Ahhhh Munich


So today it was cold enough to break out the 32 ounce wool trousers. It's getting chilly here Deutschland. And my thoughts turn to people trying to walk across the Balkans. They had better settle for the winter somewhere soon, or else the winter will get them before ISIS ever does. If Europe could get their ass in gear then the solution would be easy. Just go pick up them up. Bring them to Germany. Get them situated and place them somewhere in the EU.  But the Europeans bicker. All the while ignoring the reasons that people are fleeing the country in the first place. It's hard to run a continent by committee.

In other news, my Magister-thesis is done. I needed 80 pages, I got up to 250 before I realized I was already in dissertaiton territory. I pared it down to 112. The Topic is The Irish in the Caribbean: History and Discourse. It's not a wild read, but it's certainly aggressive enough towards some of the bigger names in the discourse. I am somewhat concerned about punctuation, as being here for so long has impaired my English grammar and I capitalize everything that has even stood next to a noun.

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My Button, Me, My Hat

It's only been 8 years!

Well, that is something. I haven't thought about Livejournal for a long time. But what a neat way to write that isn't in someplace awful.
If anyone is listening in. I'm in Bavaria, two kids and a Frau later. I'm finsihing off a thesis on the History and Discourse of the Irish in the Caribbean. I don't sing because the musicians in Munich are terrible to deal with, but I started doing Cabaret about 5 years ago and that's pretty fun. Also, I do vaudville style work for the best little burlesque girls you will ever meet. I do not take off my clothes.

The world of politics has changed alot since I was here last. I still look like my photo, but I have a new hat. 
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(no subject)

Awesome. In the most traditional sense of the word.   If we could always take this approach all of our dealings with God, whether it was a marriage vow or just saying thanks for life,  churches would be full and religion would hold more promise for people in a thirsty world.  And that's not just hot air. This moved me. Spiritually, artistically, and romantically awesome.
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I'm just saying.

Call me kooky but I don't find Asians particularly high strung. I think they are for the most part rather nice. I also know a great deal of white people who try to do what's right on a regular basis. And the man that we elected to the Highest Office in the the US (which I think is grand, by the way) is black, and not sitting in the back of anywhere except his limousine and Air Force One. Not cool.  And prayers are supposed to be simple and to the Almighty. Not to an audience. Definitely not cool.
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(no subject)

It's been too long since the last,
So I thought I'd jot down something fast.
My mom is getting more ill,
and no doctor or pill ,
can bring her back, And I have been off track,
and not myself,
because my mind has been somewhere else.
and her's is too that's why she's not herself.

Take it as it comes.

And Frau Genzel, came back from Padova,
and decided that she had had enough of our apartment,
and she was, and so she had a fit to start with,
Because I cleaned up and it was not a filth pit,
and she didn't feel like she lived here anymore.
She freaked out, I said C-ya. Then we made up. She went to Ikea.
Now there's more shit in here than there was before.
Anybody want to buy some used furniture? Don't say get out, it comes complete with Umlauts.
From the swedes not the Krauts. And those funny O's...
with a line through them...what the hell are those?

Take it as it comes.

In Detroit we a had a version of that store, I'm so fucking sad I don't live there anymore.
It was called Ikillya. It involved protecting your shit from the neighbors.
Including your mail. On any night your apartment could become a sale.
What alovely couch you have, mind if we try it out?

Take it as it comes.

But it's hot in Germany, for a change.
The locals are sweating and complaining, and the heat is draining for them anyway,
but I feel energized, and I got my glasses fixed. And I can see.
I can see the recipe for the bar b que chinese pork I made.

I can seee the sun setting over the roofs of my little exile

It's not bad and a breeze is blowing through my window.

It's not bad at all.

Take it as it comes.
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James Brown is Free.

I saw three ships come sailing in.
It's Christmas day.
And one of those ships took James Brown Away.

I saw three ships come sailing in,
while the world of soul was in mourning.

But I believe and no mistake
the Godfather of soul will get a fair shake
and he won't get thrown in the firey lake
when the world has it's final warning.

I saw three ships come sailing in
It's Christmas day.
And James Brown is out the door
He still had his pompadour...

The world of man is falling away
He can approach his maker and they both  say
Heeey! Hit me! Get on up!
Cause they both like "doin' it, You know" in their own special way,
on Christmas day in the morning.

Merry Christmas.
We used to say "Free James Brown! Let him Go!"
He is free baby. He is.
Fly James!

(no subject)

So I'm 34 as of yesterday.
I got mah birthday present from the USA
The president is a lame lame duck
The House was enough
But the Senate is gone too
the whole damn government is turning blue

Could it be true?
What will they do?
Heads on the block?
Or Gridlock?

The house has the power of the purse
If they screw it up, in two years the reaction could be worse.
And again reversed, and governmental instability is a curse,
for which the only cure is success. A lack of which we can't redress
without cooperation.

And oh what a nation, we could have if we just worked together
And tried to find the common ground,
There's still enough to go aroud,
we could use more than a little,
but the true is not behind the left or the right, or the red or the blue,
Ideology can't tell us what us is true,
That job is left uneasily to,
our conscience.
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(no subject)

Well holy Crap. I got acting work, that made it to market.

Keep in mind that I don't do that any more.

There's a trailer and episode I

Ok. Some important notes for those who don't speak German Nerd tech geek jargon.

Dau means really dumb computer user. It's what system admins here call their problem users.

If you want to see me in action then click the link.

They even created a fake profile on the site for the character. Cool.

If you have questions about the award winning dialog let me know. I'll translate.

The Irony is killing me like tetanus.
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(no subject)

Well it's time to update,
Ain't that great?
It's time to report,

Germany is getting cold,
and the days are getting short,
and I miss the heat of places where I lived
when I was not this this old,

Of course depending on which address you give,
the age is relative. And I like the way the colors
turn, like the leaves start to burn, on their own.

So I'm signed up for classes, got my Rayban glasses,
Internship, praktika, watched Battelstar Galactica,
It's not bad, but T.V. still doesn't thrill me.
Good thing it was downloaded, better keep it on the D/L.

I hung posters today for a party the institute will have on the third of November.
It better be a success. People better remember it.
Cause my SGA is out of cash. Hope we make some with this bash.
Otherwise we crash, cause previous Student Government decisions have been a little rash.

I had class till 8. (What was I afterwards a serf?)
Tonight I baked a cake. No mistake but the cherries boiled over the foil,
Onto the floor of the oven and caramelized. Now the house smells like burnt sugar.
There are worse things a house could smell like. I'll take burnt sugar over heartbreak.
It's a good smell. My house is occupied. I live here. It's not just someplace I stay.

My apartment has become tidy, Yesterday I have cleaned all day,
The bathroom, and the foyer. Holy Shit! I have a foyer?
Does that make me gay? Probably not, to my ken,
To be a gay man you have to like men...that way.

And that's all for now. No cake for you who are so far away.
But come and visit someday. They would be cool, eh?